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audience artist group

a community of encouragement and critique

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World Audience publishes the literary journal audience, The Audience Review, and books by authors from all around the world; all distributed and shipped globally with print-on-demand technology, and as e-books.

World Audience is publishing When the People Bubble POPs by Dr. Jack Kevorkian in Jan 2010 (glimmerIQs is already in print in black and white and in color). At the same time, a mega-movie titled "You Don't Know Jack", starring Al Pacino, Susan Sarandon, and John Goodman will be produced, in addition to a documentary film, about Dr. Kevorkian's life. (Artwork and music from glimmerIQs will be featured in the movies.) www.worldaudience.org

Welcome to audience's new blog for posting and critique.

I believe you will find this format cleaner, more organized, and easier to use.

How to get a free LiveJournal account, become a member of WorldAudience community and post to the community:

1) Create a free account by clicking here. FIll in the required information.
2) Check your email and click the verification link in the confirmation email.
3) You should now be back at the LiveJournal site and logged in.
4) Click here to join the WorldAudience LiveJournal community. Click the "Join Community" button at the bottom.
5) Click here to now return to the WorldAudience user Info page.
6) To post in the community: click the blue pencil about 1/4 down the page in the small horizontal row of icons or click here.
7) Type your post and click "Update Journal" at the bottom of the page.
8) See your post in the community click here.
9) To comment on someone else's post click the words "leave a comment" at the bottom of the post you want to comment to. Make sure you are logged in before you comment. You may log in by clicking here.

Just a few guidelines to keep this site clean:

a) Become familiar with all of LiveJournal's posting options.
Here is LJ's FAQ.
Pay specific attention to the LJ Cut option.
This is required for any post containing more that one image or any written work exceeding 10 lines, or the post will be deleted.

b) All images should be limitied to 400px wide unless they are behind a cut.
if you post more than one image at a time, you may put 100px wide thumbnails before the cut to entice.

c) Critiques of other members' work must be done through the comments link at the end of each post. New posts which consist only of critique will be deleted.

d) Consider downloading a LiveJournal client. This will make posting and features simpler and more efficient than going through the website.

e) Please let us know if you have any suggestions! frenchpress and ennui330 are two of your moderators and you may contact us with any questions regarding this blog.

Reviewing a Submission:

Please utilize this online journal to interact and post your work for potential publication in our literary journal, audience.

Social capital

  • less than 10