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From Ernest Dempsey: - audience artist group
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From Ernest Dempsey:

Don Eminizer’s from Litmocracy, November 2009


Hope all is well in Litmock land. Time for an update I s'pose, or Dave wants one anyway. Many things in limbo. Many in motion. But I spose that's life. You get to spin your wheels to go nowhere, eh?  

Well, watcha gonna do? I guess I spin some wheels here. The last newsletter I asked for personal stories in relation to Litmock. Someone you met. The first time you won money here for your writing. Something that got published because of edits here. Whatever. So I'm starting a $10 contest for the personalized Litmock story that gets the most votes. Most or all of the stories posted there will be going into the forthcoming book that chronicles Litmocracy's early years, though I will likely edit them. I know you have stories. I have tons. I have maybe the best story of my life in fact, something I recently discovered ultimately through this site, though I'm not getting into it right now, it's quite wonderful, and I have many damned fine stories besides that. I've physically met and gotten to know or have known lots of people through this site. I'll share a recent story that relates to this site to give you an idea. I just went to Canada because of someone I know through here.

Why go to the land of square wheels, bitter cold, aboots and french speak you say, when you live in the cradle of joy and freedom right there in the good ol' US of A?  


I love french. Is probably the most gorgeous language of all. Is partially why I'm a Kerouac freak, he played with and combined English and French. My best friend told me it was the gourmet food of languages and I tend to agree. Anyway, I went North to visit our very own StarLizard. To pick another beautiful mind. I have encountered many beautiful minds here. That's why we've put so much effort into this site, why we've worked at it so long. We want to identify beautiful minds, help open them up, help them learn they can make this hell hole a better place by being inquisitive, learning and working together. And sometimes, because of this site, I learn and gain that very insight myself. I did on this trip.  

When I went there we drew and we wrote and kicked around ideas about this site and the book, which all of us are working on whether you know it or not. I met 3 very cool cats and a large Raccoon named Bandit. Saw a black squirrel which was wicked cool because I didn't know they existed. I found Canada to be a wonderful place. It broke all preconceived notions I had, which, by the way, I should know better than to have, but I did have them. I guess I believed Canada to be a very socialist place compared to the freedom that America offers.


So, I find myself wandering around Ottawa of all places, the Capitol of Canada. And I'm looking at all these free spirited relaxed people walking around in this clean city, and I'm learning that Canadian laws and police are far more lax and less militant and intrusive than here, they tend to treat you like adults there. And I look up and see all these beautiful buildings, really gorgeous, but for this one monstrosity surrounded by concrete bunkers that stick out in the street and block traffic, and it's the US embassy, and I realize why I have these preconceived notions. None of the other embassies are blocked, they're beautiful and open. The US embassy is obnoxious and military and oppressive looking, a bunker built to guard a freedom that no longer exists, to keep it away from people who ignore it and have no desire to attack or invade because they don't want it. Now I know why we're viewed the way we are, and why I had preconceived notions. Because I've been fed the pablum that we're so free here and no one else is for so long, I subconsciously bought into it. Now I want to move to Canada. But I'm trapped in this place by so many things, starting with retarded green paper that I despise and loathe anyway, but many other reasons as well. 

Visit http://www.litmocracy.com/ to enjoy stories, news, reviews, and contests. 

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I am attending the Unicorn conference next April.

Here is a link for more information: http://www.unicornwritersconference.com/MikeStefanStrozier.html
This is a chance for me to talk about print-on-demand technology and ebooks, and our many distribution channels.

Mike Strozier
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manilla envelope/poetry

M. Stozier
It appears I sent my poetry prematurely, so you can return the envelope unopened as it seems appropriate
as I am not a dues-paying member at present and have
not any immediatte plans to become a dues-paying owner.
Also my work is not copywrited. If you don't return it, fine. It was rather a bad impulse to mail it, I guess.

I know you're busy.

Thank you anyway.

Antonietta (Toni) Del Duke
From: (Anonymous) Date: January 19th, 2010 01:33 pm (UTC) (link)

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