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Daily Keemo. 3.26. Leg And Foot And Arm And Hand - audience artist group
a community of encouragement and critique
Daily Keemo. 3.26. Leg And Foot And Arm And Hand

Leg And Foot And Arm And Hand

She woke me this morning with a
kiss and it is how we should all wake up and
I know that she knows
it was another late night last night and
I was wandering the house at 4:00 am and
working over the keys and the colors and
there is a crossroads and
I am standing there and
it is this that makes
these nights become
what they are.

"What time is it?" she whispered as I slid into bed.
"5:30" I whispered back.
Under the blankets her leg and her foot and her arm and her hand
all moved closer and after all these years 
it is not necessary to say anything more and
in the darkness
the paths at the crossroads are
well lit
and she is there no matter which way
I go.


    ... Enjoy! 


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