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Leonore’s Haikus - audience artist group
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Leonore’s Haikus
My writer friend Leonore Dvorkin, who lives in Colorado, makes intelligent use of her spare time (and remember she is a very busy woman who does a number of jobs daily) by penning down haikus-pointing to important issues and raising significant questions about our lives and our place in the world. Here is one that I picked for sharing with readers on this forum (with Leonore’s permission of course). It’s called Down the Drain 

Tell me.
Where is that dark, cold hole
that swallows the world's
bright hopes and dreams?

Soon after I got this haiku, Leonore sent another one that was equally intelligent and very much appealing to the metaphorical spirit of our literary tastes. The second haiku is titled Tiny Toy Teddy and it follows along with Leonore’s brief message that explains what sparked the creation of this piece.

There in the gutter:
and forgotten
... but still smiling!

Leonore wrote: ‘On a cold, damp morning in early April, when we were hurrying along on our way to the bus stop, we saw this tiny little gray-blue teddy bear in the gutter.  In one of the houses very near there, a woman runs a day-care center.  We assume that one of the little kids must have dropped him.  He seemed a sort of metaphor for bravery and good cheer in the face of adversity.’
Do share your thoughts and haikus (I’d love to get more from literature lovers) as they are just like small stars that appear like diamonds in the night sky. As for Leonore, visit her site www.dvorkin.com to enjoy more of her wisdom. 

Ernest Dempsey

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From: (Anonymous) Date: April 28th, 2008 03:16 pm (UTC) (link)

Haiku Inn (link)

These are lovely! So down-to-earth! Here's a link to a site where Lenore may also went to share her work:


Keep writing! Come visit Riehlife this month where we're featuring a daily poem.

Janet Riehl
From: (Anonymous) Date: April 28th, 2008 11:26 pm (UTC) (link)

Re: Haiku Inn (link)

Thanks, Janet. So glad you liked them! Did you read all my other haiku poems on my website, www.dvorkin.com ? Some of them are lighthearted, and some are very serious. I used to write longer poems from time to time, but now find that the poetic part of my brain works only in these short snippets. It's also a fun challenge to try to distill my thoughts on a subject down into a mere 17 syllables.
Leonore Dvorkin
Denver, CO
www.dvorkin.com (language services, books, articles, poetry, exercise instruction, and more)
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