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Posting Guidelines - Mandatory - audience artist group
a community of encouragement and critique
Posting Guidelines - Mandatory
Reviewing a Submission:

Members post as many works as they wish. In order for a work to be considered for the ezine, however, a) members have to review three other works first; b) members can have no more than 3 works considered for each issue of the ezine; and, c) 3 or fewer works members choose, for consideration, have to receive at least 3 reviews, from different artists. We operate on the honor system. It is up to members to keep track of their reviews, to make sure they are reviewing other members’ works. The bottom line is this: For every work a member wants to submit to the ezine, the member must post three reviews first. The artists, whose works are included in the ezine, are paid an amount set by the board of directors, who are also members. The board is excluded from including their own works in the ezine. When the board creates the ezine, they consult a listing of all scores, from all members’ rated works.

Please utilize this numeric rating system in your comment when reviewing a submission:
1-5; Lowest to Highest

• Overall scope and originality
• Level of craft (dialogue, transition, context, characters)
• Development still required (how much editing is needed)
• Focus and potential (how clear is the work, and relevant)

Any post over ten lines or with more than one image MUST use an 'lj-cut', or it will be deleted.

Also, please make use of the 'comments' feature to critique others members' work rather than making a new post.

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