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Leg And Foot And Arm And Hand

She woke me this morning with a
kiss and it is how we should all wake up and
I know that she knows
it was another late night last night and
I was wandering the house at 4:00 am and
working over the keys and the colors and
there is a crossroads and
I am standing there and
it is this that makes
these nights become
what they are.

"What time is it?" she whispered as I slid into bed.
"5:30" I whispered back.
Under the blankets her leg and her foot and her arm and her hand
all moved closer and after all these years 
it is not necessary to say anything more and
in the darkness
the paths at the crossroads are
well lit
and she is there no matter which way
I go.


    ... Enjoy! 


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Don Eminizer’s from Litmocracy, November 2009


Hope all is well in Litmock land. Time for an update I s'pose, or Dave wants one anyway. Many things in limbo. Many in motion. But I spose that's life. You get to spin your wheels to go nowhere, eh?  

Well, watcha gonna do? I guess I spin some wheels here. The last newsletter I asked for personal stories in relation to Litmock. Someone you met. The first time you won money here for your writing. Something that got published because of edits here. Whatever. So I'm starting a $10 contest for the personalized Litmock story that gets the most votes. Most or all of the stories posted there will be going into the forthcoming book that chronicles Litmocracy's early years, though I will likely edit them. I know you have stories. I have tons. I have maybe the best story of my life in fact, something I recently discovered ultimately through this site, though I'm not getting into it right now, it's quite wonderful, and I have many damned fine stories besides that. I've physically met and gotten to know or have known lots of people through this site. I'll share a recent story that relates to this site to give you an idea. I just went to Canada because of someone I know through here.

Why go to the land of square wheels, bitter cold, aboots and french speak you say, when you live in the cradle of joy and freedom right there in the good ol' US of A?  


I love french. Is probably the most gorgeous language of all. Is partially why I'm a Kerouac freak, he played with and combined English and French. My best friend told me it was the gourmet food of languages and I tend to agree. Anyway, I went North to visit our very own StarLizard. To pick another beautiful mind. I have encountered many beautiful minds here. That's why we've put so much effort into this site, why we've worked at it so long. We want to identify beautiful minds, help open them up, help them learn they can make this hell hole a better place by being inquisitive, learning and working together. And sometimes, because of this site, I learn and gain that very insight myself. I did on this trip.  

When I went there we drew and we wrote and kicked around ideas about this site and the book, which all of us are working on whether you know it or not. I met 3 very cool cats and a large Raccoon named Bandit. Saw a black squirrel which was wicked cool because I didn't know they existed. I found Canada to be a wonderful place. It broke all preconceived notions I had, which, by the way, I should know better than to have, but I did have them. I guess I believed Canada to be a very socialist place compared to the freedom that America offers.


So, I find myself wandering around Ottawa of all places, the Capitol of Canada. And I'm looking at all these free spirited relaxed people walking around in this clean city, and I'm learning that Canadian laws and police are far more lax and less militant and intrusive than here, they tend to treat you like adults there. And I look up and see all these beautiful buildings, really gorgeous, but for this one monstrosity surrounded by concrete bunkers that stick out in the street and block traffic, and it's the US embassy, and I realize why I have these preconceived notions. None of the other embassies are blocked, they're beautiful and open. The US embassy is obnoxious and military and oppressive looking, a bunker built to guard a freedom that no longer exists, to keep it away from people who ignore it and have no desire to attack or invade because they don't want it. Now I know why we're viewed the way we are, and why I had preconceived notions. Because I've been fed the pablum that we're so free here and no one else is for so long, I subconsciously bought into it. Now I want to move to Canada. But I'm trapped in this place by so many things, starting with retarded green paper that I despise and loathe anyway, but many other reasons as well. 

Visit http://www.litmocracy.com/ to enjoy stories, news, reviews, and contests. 

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I am attending the Unicorn conference next April.

Here is a link for more information: http://www.unicornwritersconference.com/MikeStefanStrozier.html
This is a chance for me to talk about print-on-demand technology and ebooks, and our many distribution channels.

Mike Strozier
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WA Goes Acrostic


What difference will it make if

Our time is all devoted to

Reading, writing, and reviewing

Loving literature and thinking

Despite the scary roughness of our lives


Although it may sound like killing time

Unpaid in bucks, unpromising

Don’t miss to see the beauty it creates

Illumining our thought and understanding

Enhancing our self-esteem and image

No millions could ever buy us

Come here on the board of pen and ink

Enjoy the amazing ride of words


Fun-to-Do Exercise: Read the first letter of each line in both stanzas to bottom and see what you get. Sounds familiar?   

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My writer friend Leonore Dvorkin, who lives in Colorado, makes intelligent use of her spare time (and remember she is a very busy woman who does a number of jobs daily) by penning down haikus-pointing to important issues and raising significant questions about our lives and our place in the world. Here is one that I picked for sharing with readers on this forum (with Leonore’s permission of course). It’s called Down the Drain 

Tell me.
Where is that dark, cold hole
that swallows the world's
bright hopes and dreams?

Soon after I got this haiku, Leonore sent another one that was equally intelligent and very much appealing to the metaphorical spirit of our literary tastes. The second haiku is titled Tiny Toy Teddy and it follows along with Leonore’s brief message that explains what sparked the creation of this piece.

There in the gutter:
and forgotten
... but still smiling!

Leonore wrote: ‘On a cold, damp morning in early April, when we were hurrying along on our way to the bus stop, we saw this tiny little gray-blue teddy bear in the gutter.  In one of the houses very near there, a woman runs a day-care center.  We assume that one of the little kids must have dropped him.  He seemed a sort of metaphor for bravery and good cheer in the face of adversity.’
Do share your thoughts and haikus (I’d love to get more from literature lovers) as they are just like small stars that appear like diamonds in the night sky. As for Leonore, visit her site www.dvorkin.com to enjoy more of her wisdom. 

Ernest Dempsey

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by Howard Wu

The longevity is remarkable. It is a living example of niche marketing at its best.  

I remember playing the board game for the first time twenty years ago after receiving it on my ninth birthday. Back then I found it quite funny….  But now, after picking up the March 2008 issue (issue #487), I am astounded at how little has changed, but it still remains humorous the cheesy kind of way. Have you guessed which publication I’m referring to?  I’m talking about MAD Magazine.

I can’t say that I’ve ever witnessed many purchases of their brand products (either books or magazines); but to have stayed in business since their first issue of October/November 1952, they must have been enjoying some degree of economic success.

On the surface, the recent issue appears to be much like the ones I remembered as a kid—the same cast of characters led by Alfred E. Neumann, the token Spy vs. Spy comic, and some clever satire of both celebrities and pop-culture. Newer contents include excerpts from an Internet blog, and marketing of their madmag.com website. One feature that had escaped me as a kid, or perhaps had just forgotten, is the impressive quality of the comic artwork. Aside from this positive attribute, I found some other thought-provoking elements in MAD when looking at it on a deeper level (yes, there really is a deeper level to MAD if you really want to see it).

First, there are relatively few “real” advertisements in MAD, although there are many parody ads. I found this surprising, in light of their relatively low cover price of $5.99 Canadian for the fifty-page issue. Compared to serious ad-heavy, special interest magazines of similar price, I’m curious as to how MAD’s sales and profit figures are maintained despite (speculatively) lower advertising revenue. To make this even more noteworthy, is that content of the ads (mostly video games) appear to target a lower income clientele of adolescents and younger adults. The age range of the Letters to the Editor authors seems to confirm this.

Secondly, MAD is clearly not a new fad, or even a resurrected throwback trend like vintage sports jerseys or ‘80s fashion statements’.  It has maintained a certain comic appeal for over five decades, while countless other entertainment trends have come and gone. What is their MAD business secret? 

Thirdly, a few quick inquiries in my local comic shops revealed that issues of MAD Magazine have not been regularly stocked items for years. MAD seems to appear more in newsstands and larger bookstores that carry a vaster array of periodicals. Does this mean that the MAD market has shifted to the “mainstream”?

Finally…how does MAD continue to obtain their content?  Look at the magazine credits under Contributing Artists and Writers“the usual gang of idiots”.  I’m not sure about idiots—perhaps just mad genius.

About Howard Wu: Howard Wu is a Canadian entrepreneur, whose writing interests are primarily off-beat research material. His most recent anthology is Random Thoughts, published by Trafford Publishing. It can be found online at www.trafford.com/4dcgi/robots/07-2847.html.

* MAD Magazine exists online at http://www.dccomics.com/mad/.

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World Audience Publishers is proud to announce publication of


by Louis Phillips

                   This collection of one-acts is the 3rd book by Mr. Phillips to be published by World Audience. The other two books are THE AUDIENCE BOOK OF THEATRE QUOTATIONS (now in its 2nd edition) and another collection of one-act plays – THE DEATH OF THE SIAMESE TWINS & OTHER PLAYS.


                    Louis Phillips, a widely published poet, playwright, and short story writer has written some 35 books for children and adults. Among his works are: two collections of short stories-- A DREAM OF COUNTRIES WHERE NO ONE DARE LIVE (SMU Press)

And THE BUS TO THE MOON (Fort Schuyler Press; HOT CORNER, a collection of his baseball writings, and R.I. P. ( a sequence of poems about Rip Van Winkle) from Livingston Press; THE ENVOI MESSAGES, and THE LAST OF THE MARX BROTHERS’ WRITERS, full-length plays,(Broadway Play Publishers  His books for children include: THE MAN WHO STOLE THE ATLANTIC OCEAN (Prentice Hall & Camelot Books), THE MILLION DOLLAR POTATO (Simon and Schuster), and HOW TO WRESTLE AN ALLIGATOR (Avon Publishers).


         Mr. Phillips’ plays have been performed Off-Broadway at the Colonnades Theatre Lab, and In SUCH REGIONAL THEATERS AS INDIANA REP and THE OLD GLOBE THEATRE (San Diego). His one-act plays have been published by such literary journals as THE CHICAGO REVIEW, THE MASSACHUSETTS REVIEW, AUDIENCE, ATHALON, THE DISTILLERY, and THE GEORGIA REVIEW.



     The books published by World Audience are available from www.amazon.com and www.bn.com and other online bookstores. Or Order by phone 646-620-7406, or by mail from:



               WORLD AUDIENCE

               303 Park Avenue SOUTH


               New York, New York, 10010



The Audiece book of Theatre Quotations –

       ISBN 978-1-934209-28-8



       ISBN  978-1-934209-30-1



       ISBN   978-1-934209-68-4


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Read about World Audience's new books:

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303 Park Avenue South, Suite 1440
New York, NY 10010-3657
Phone (646) 620-7406 Fax (646) 620-7406


For more information contact CEO M. Stefan Strozier Strozier@worldaudience.org or worldaudience@gmail.com



Everything you ever wanted to find out about New York theater, with detailed information and wonderful, original pictures on every page, is here in this excellent guide!

World Audience Publishers introduces Theaters and Theater Companies of New York, A Backstage Pass to Theaters and Theater Companies (http://www.worldaudience.org/pubs_bks/Guide_Theater.html). This book features in-depth descriptions of famous theaters in New York, as well as prominent theater companies operating in New York. Written in a lively and humorous way, this book takes a critical eye at the theater industry in general, and makes sure that the theatergoer, and his or her best interests are fairly represented.

Only $16.99 retail price, Theaters and Theater Companies of New York is available: www.amazon.com, www.bn.com, www.worldaudience.org, as well as bookstores and in the New York theater district. It features original photographs taken and arranged by the authors, fascinating facts, inside information about the New York Theater Community, and much, much more.

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Reviewing a Submission:

Members post as many works as they wish. In order for a work to be considered for the ezine, however, a) members have to review three other works first; b) members can have no more than 3 works considered for each issue of the ezine; and, c) 3 or fewer works members choose, for consideration, have to receive at least 3 reviews, from different artists. We operate on the honor system. It is up to members to keep track of their reviews, to make sure they are reviewing other members’ works. The bottom line is this: For every work a member wants to submit to the ezine, the member must post three reviews first. The artists, whose works are included in the ezine, are paid an amount set by the board of directors, who are also members. The board is excluded from including their own works in the ezine. When the board creates the ezine, they consult a listing of all scores, from all members’ rated works.

Please utilize this numeric rating system in your comment when reviewing a submission:
1-5; Lowest to Highest

• Overall scope and originality
• Level of craft (dialogue, transition, context, characters)
• Development still required (how much editing is needed)
• Focus and potential (how clear is the work, and relevant)

Any post over ten lines or with more than one image MUST use an 'lj-cut', or it will be deleted.

Also, please make use of the 'comments' feature to critique others members' work rather than making a new post.

Carry on...

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